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Benefits of Festool Planers.

  • Depth controls are integrated into the handle, for easy adjustment on the fly.

  • Single blade planer head design for rapid blade changes.

  • Smooth cut performance reduces sanding time.

  • Single knife cutterhead produces less noise, reducing user fatigue.

  • Unlimited rabbeting feature does not leave a lip.

  • High dust extraction efficiency for less clean-up time and greater work efficiency.

  • Versatile – create smooth or rustic effects.

  • Safer – the side guard swings up as the rabbet depth increases.

  • Convert into a bench-mounted planer, with optional bench unit.

Unlimited Rabbeting.

The HL 850 planer is equipped with a single spiral blade cutterhead. Because the blade is drawn across the workpiece at an angle, it cuts cleaner, producing less noise and a smooth surface. And there’s no limit to the depth of rabbeting, or your ability to plane up to an edge, thanks to the planer head’s ability to cut flush to one side.

When you need precise material removal, choose the HL 850.

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